Two Detroit police officers arrested in separate incidences, including one for sexual assault

Two Detroit police officers have been suspended after both were arrested in separate incidences outside the city.

One officer was arrested in Woodhaven and has been charged with criminal sexual conduct. The second was arrested in Madison Heights following accusations of road rage where the officer brandished a firearm.

Chief James White said he intended to upgrade both officers' suspensions to without pay later this week. 

FOX 2 sources have confirmed the officer arrested in Woodhaven is David Apperson, a 32-year-old, five-year veteran of the force.

White declined to provide details about the case, but confirmed the officer was off-duty, and the victim was not a minor. 

The alleged crime happened on July 27. Apperson, from the third precinct, has since been arraigned by the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office.

The second officer allegedly brandished a firearm and has been charged with felonious assault. No shots were fired during the incident. She has 26 years on the force and was from the department's tactical operations unit. It happened on July 29.

The officer in the weapons case was a corporal, White said. It's unclear if she used a department-issued or privately-owned weapon. 

"There was some type of altercation between the officer off-duty, in their personal vehicle, not in a police car and in their civilian attire," White said. "There was an interaction with her and a member of the community, and her weapon was pointed at the victim at that time."

White said he exercised his authority to suspend both officers with pay and would make a recommendation to the Board of Police Commissioners on Thursday that they be suspended without pay.

"I often say that wearing a badge is a privilege, not a right, and these two officers did not uphold that privilege to wear the badge," he said during a Monday press conference. 

Neither officer has much of a disciplinary history.