Two Detroit stores broken into overnight

A Detroit pharmacy longtime owner is speaking out after an overnight break-in at his business, while just down the street a second burglary also happened at a drugstore.

"About 5 in the morning, we had some wonderful people drop through the roof," said Terry Sipes.

But for the owner of McNichols Drug Store in Detroit, this was no visit from Superman.

"Got out of here with nothing but still made a mess," he said.

By Tuesday morning, Sipes was doing his best to clean up the mess left behind, but he wasn't alone. Just a few blocks away, Westside Pharmacy of Detroit also had a break in around 4 a.m. Tuesday that was caught on video.

Renardo Gray says there was a lot of damage done for just a little bit of stuff taken. He says the robber came in through the roof and a lot of water came in with him, and that they took his laptop and a few bottles of cough syrup -- nothing that had codeine or a controlled substance.

Police tell Fox 2 they are investigating, but these pharmacy owners believe this could be a network of criminals working together 

"We only saw one person but it had to be more than one the way they got in and out," Gray said.

These two pharmacy owners say they remain committed to serving this Detroit community and will not let fear drive them away.