Two Family Dollar stores robbed on Detroit's east side

Detroit police are investigating robberies at two Family Dollar stores on Detroit's east side.

The first robbery happened at a store at the corner of Kelly Road and Morang.

Detroit police say a black man, with a dark complexion and dreadlocks, wearing leopard pink sunglasses, black jeans, and a black shirt walked inside around 12:40 p.m. Saturday.

He pulled out a gun and demanded the clerk ring up a sale to open the register and give him the money. The robber reached in, grabbed all the cash he could and ran out. It has not been released on how much money was taken.

The clerk is a 28-year-old woman and she was not hurt in the incident.

The second robbery occurred at a Family Dollar store on the 700 block of 7 Mile Road.

A man went inside the store, got in line pretending to be a customer, and demanded the clerk open the register.

The cashier put the money in a plastic bag, and the robber left. The clerk in this incident, a 26-year0old man was also not hurt.

At this time, police have a vague description on the robber in the second robbery, and they are not sure if the robberies are connected.

FOX 2 attempted to speak with employees at the store at the corner of Morang and Kelly, but asked by management not to speak with media.

There are cameras so police hopefully will have that footage, and know who they're looking for.