Two longtime Detroit businesses hold close out sales

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After decades of doing business in downtown Detroit, two long-standing stores are closing up shop.

But not before one last big sale with some deep discounts.

Dressing Detroiters for over 60 years, employees at J.L Stone Co. on Broadway are feeling nostalgic as the owner of this men's clothing store and Cash City Pawn across the street on Randolph gets ready to retire and close shop.

The men's store has been open since 1952.
"Some of the great-great grandchildren of my first customers still come down," said Sheldon Stone, the owner.

Stone starting out as a stock boy, then taking over the family business in the early 1970s.

"It's been fabulous and wonderful for my family," Stone said. "I've seen downtown go up and down and it's on the upswing now."

The 78-year-old is selling his two buildings to Bedrock.

"I'm going to spend time with my grandkids, my wife and take it easy for a while," he said.

And now that sale is bringing some big bargains for you as everything here -- must go.

And across the street inside Cash City there is more savings as jewelry, electronics, household items and musical instruments are all priced to sell as soon as possible.

Employees say the best sales are on these fur coats and TVs.

Wayne Wade helped Stone open Cash City in 1992.
"It’s bittersweet, I'm really going to miss my customers," Wade said.

Wade says the loyalty Detroiters have shown both shops is immeasurable.

"Thank you for being loyal and sticking with us," he said.

And although this is the end of decades of stories and laughter with regular customers, Stone and his employees are hoping to meet some new faces before locking these doors for good.

"Come here and shop before we get rid of everything," Stone said. "We've got beautiful stuff still available."