Two 'most violent' suspects in Greektown attack charged in court

Detroit police arresting another suspect after disturbing video of a  Greektown beatdown goes viral.

The violent attack left three men severely injured in the video which went viral on Facebook showing a group of thugs out of control as the Easter Sunday Greektown brawl.

Suspects Stanley Faulk and Keith Harvey - who police say are the most violent of those accused in taking part in the crime - stood before a judge Wednesday afternoon by video conference.

The two men are familiar with breaking the law with previous records. Detroit Police say given the nature of this vicious brawl, and the fact it happened in Downtown Detroit, in a visible area, an example must be made. Police requested the highest bond for the two men, and the judge ruled in their favor - with $5 million set.

Both men were charged with being a repeat offender, Faulk, carrying a concealed weapon and assault and Harvey, fleeing and eluding and carrying a concealed weapon.

They're also facing charges for unarmed robbery and assault. The two men appeared to have been confused during their arraignment.

Judge: "Allegations that you took a cell phone and car keys from the victim."

Judge: "Do both of you understand the charges brought against you and your rights?"

Faulk: "Can you please say my charges again sir?"

Judge: "Do you want me to repeat the charges against you?"


"Mr. Harvey do you understand the charges against you?"

Harvey: "I need to know my charges again also."

The judge read out the charges again.

Judge: "Once again do you both understand the charges against you and your constitutional right?"

Faulk: "Yes your honor."

Harvey: "Yes. Am I the only one charged with narcotics?"

In the event, that the high bond is posted by the suspects, each must wear a tether and can have no contact with any witnesses and they cannot be in Detroit unless it's for legal purposes.