Two people shot to death in drive-by on Southfield freeway

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Michaelle Nicole Artist was fatally shot in her car on the Southfield dreeway.

Two people gunned down in a drive-by shooting on the Southfield freeway, a third victim ran away from the scene and went into hiding.

Now police are looking for suspects and the survivor.

The aunt of 30-year old Michelle Nicole Artist is taking steps to plan her niece's funeral -something she says she never thought she would have to do.

"You took away from us something very precious that can never be given back." Melanie Artist, Michelle's aunt.

Police say the vehicle Nicole was driving was shot at multiple times Saturday evening as she was driving on the Southfield.

Michelle and a man inside the vehicle were killed.  Police say they are looking for a third person inside the vehicle who left the scene.

"I'm not familiar with anyone she was hanging with or anyone that may have been in the vehicle," said Melanie Artist. "I understand that there was a passenger that was possibly injured and got out of car and ran away."

Michelle's family says the trio had been out to eat at Ace of Spades Gentleman's Club where Michelle had worked as a waitress but was laid off about a month ago.

"They verified she was at Ace of Spades Saturday, had a couple of drinks, and when she got in her car she left at 7:43-7:45 and she was dead by 7:50 on Seven Mile and Southfield."

Michelle's aunt says her niece has a 15-year old daughter and was a devoted mother.

"It had to be a mistaken identity," said Melanie Artist. "I'm not sure who was in the car with her, but I don't know them at all and my family is not familiar with them either."

The family says they want justice.

"I feel as though that was very selfish of you to shoot into a vehicle, at a moving car and you don't know who you were shooting at," Melanie said.

Police say this is an open investigation and they are still gathering information. If you know anything that can help police solve this case contact them at (313) 596-5200.