Two shot execution-style in Detroit, families promise justice

The family of a young mother and a man who were both shot execution style are promising the shooter that they will be caught and persecuted for the murder.

Jalisa Baxter, 23, and Eric Perkins, 24, were both found shot in the back of the head in her Chevy Malibu on Detroit's east side Saturday morning. The families of both are trying to figure out what happened and why.

"I need everybody help to catch these people who killed my daughter like this," said Baxter's mom, LaShawn Lackey.

Police initially got a call about a possible car accident Saturday around 6 a.m. in the 5100 block of Holcomb Avenue, which is near McClellan and Warren avenues. When police arrived on scene, they saw two people in the front seats of the car.

Police say a man was in the driver's seat and a woman was in the passenger seat. Both had gunshot wounds to the back of their heads. Medics arrived on scene and confirmed the same.

Young mother among victims shot execution style in car on Detroit's east side

Eric's family says he and Jalisa were friends from high school. They lost touch after school but reconnected. Jalisa is a mom to a 7-year-old boy and Eric is a father to six children.

"He took care of his family and his circle. Whoever was in his circle, he took care of ," Eric's mom, Latisha Evans, said.

Neither families says they know why someone would kill their loved ones.

"I just hear all kinds of stories that it was gang related. I know for a fact my daughters wasn't in no gangs," Lackey says.

Eric's family says he wasn't in a gang but that he did have his enemies.

"He would say to his brother 'I don't know how I made it out today, I almost got killed'," his aunt, Latisha Evans, said.

Police originally though it was a car accident because it had hit several fences in the area. They later determined they were both shot.

"I'm a mother of six and I gotta bury my child, it's hard," Lackey said.

They're preparing to say goodbye to both but have a message to the killer.

"You will be caught. Justice will prevail God's got my back so I know that he will help me catch you," Lackey said.

If you have any information about this crime, you're asked to contact the Detroit Police Department. You can also call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-SPEAK-UP. You will remain anonymous.

Police have not yet given a description of the suspect or suspects.