U-M's Harbaugh makes plea for fall play amid reports Big 10 voted to cancel 2020 season

University of Michigan's football coach has a message for Big Ten: #WEWANTTOPLAY

Head coach Jim Harbaugh released a statement Monday morning advocating for a fall football season in the Big 10, amid reports that presidents of each school in the conference had voted to cancel the season. An official announcement is expected Tuesday.

"We have developed a great prototype for how we can make this work and provide the opportunity for players to play," Harbaugh wrote after listing steps the team had taken to quell the spread of COVID-19.

"If you are transparent and follow the rules, this is how it can be done."

Longtime sportscaster Dan Patrick reported Monday morning that the Big Ten had voted to cancel the season amid concerns of the coronavirus. 

Patrick says the Big Ten presidents have voted 12-2 not to play this season. Nebraska and Iowa were the only two presidents that voted to play, meaning Michigan and MSU voted not to play if the source's information is accurate. 

Months of speculation over a possible fall season began to feel less likely as COVID-19's spread hasn't slowed down in the U.S.

In response to the continuous outbreak, both Michigan and Michigan State updated their schedules last week to reveal only conference games will be played. There were also several vacant weeks to allow for games that were canceled.  

Whispers of a season cancelation began to grow over the weekend, pending reports that presidents from the schools had grown skeptical about the feasibility of holding football games.

Additionally, teams were struggling to even contain the virus within their own rosters. In late July, the entire Michigan State football team was forced to quarantine after two staff members and one athlete tested positive for the virus.

An official announcement regarding the season is expected Tuesday.

Patrick also said the Pac 12 had voted to cancel its season as well.

Other major conferences in the Football Bowl Subdivision, including the ACC and Big 12 were on the fence about a fall season. The SEC reportedly had been trying to get their teams to join their conference to play.