UAW Aramark maintenance workers go on strike

UAW members went on strike at midnight Monday at GM plants in Michigan and across the country. 

Meanwhile, UAW members who work for Aramark and do building maintenance for Michigan GM plants are nearly 24 hours into their strike. 

"We're the pawns," said UAW member Mike Mucci. "We're the pawns of a chess match. We were out here first to get the attention and start getting support and rallying the troops and encourage them to come out a midnight and make a stand."

After weeks of negotiations, the collective bargaining agreement between the UAW and GM expired Saturday night. The union announced the strike Sunday morning, calling it a last resort. 

The UAW GM Department says it comes down to fair wages, affordable healthcare, profit shares and job security. 

Meanwhile, General Motors says...

"We believe that we presented a strong offer to the UAW," said Executive Vice President, Global Manufacturing Gerald Johnson. "Inside that offer is over $7 billion dollars of investment and plants, and new product programs that also impact 5400 jobs, new or created."

UAW members already on the picket line say they're prepared for whatever happens next. 

"Our motto is we're going to make sacrifices to make gains. And we're out here sacrificing a 100%" Mucci said.