UAW rallies for mother whose daughter was killed crossing I-94

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A police escort led about 200 bikers and dozens of others to Sandria Burts' home on Detroit's west side Thursday night.

The ride was fueled by their love for the grieving mother, whose daughter, Desandra Thomas, was killed Sunday when she was struck by a car on I-94. She was seeking help for her father, who crashed his work van while allegedly driving intoxicated.

"The loss, you can't return that. There's nothing I can really say to describe the hurt that this family is going through," said TC Bennett, a neighbor.

Friends, neighbors and strangers gathered in front of Burts' home, but the vast majority of the people who turned out are Burts' coworkers at Chrysler's Jefferson North Assembly Plant. UAW Local 7 organized the ride to raise money for Sandria and to show their union sister and her family they are not going through this tragedy alone.

"Sandria, you know we love you," said Michelle Davis from UAW Local 7. "If you want a hug we are here for you. If you just want to talk we're here for you. The 4,500 members send their love to you, sending prayers up and out."

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Toxicology results will determine if Desandra's father was intoxicated when he crashed his work van. His employer said he had no business in a company vehicle after hours. Michigan State Police is still investigating the crash.