Uber driver turns tables on robber, tries to shoot him with own gun

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An Uber driver who was terrorized by a thief had enough and fought back against an armed suspect.

MD Harun Ali was driving for Uber early Sunday morning when he was called to give a ride near Grand River and Schoolcraft. But it wasn't a normal fare and when the passenger got in the car, he pulled on a gun on him.

He showed me a gun, and he said don't call police don't do anything. Stop here and give me key," Ali said. "I gave him my wallet - my key and I said don't shoot me."

The man demanded cash - and lots of it - $1,500 to be exact. But Harun doesn’t have it, so the gunman orders him into the passenger seat and drives to an ATM.

Then he ordered Ali to call a friend. He did and said he's been in an accident and needs help. As he was waiting for his friend, Ali decided to fight back.

"He pulled his gun from his thigh and I pulled his gun," Ali said.

He poked the guy in the eye and wrestled the gun away from him. Then he pointed at the man's chest and did what many wouldn't think they could: he pulled the trigger.

"I fire, no bullets," Ali said.

The gun wasn't loaded. The armed robbery suspect was holding a gun without any ammunition.

That's not all. Remember his friend he called? He finally showed up and here's how they tried to catch the guy: