Uber driver's car hit by arrow while he was driving in Harper Woods

A Metro Detroit Uber driver heard a noise, like maybe he’d hit a rock or something.

Instead, Raymond Esho found a crossbow arrow lodged in his passenger side rear bumper.

"Coming this way to open the trunk and I see something sticking out like this much,"  he said. "The first thing I thought, was what if it hit me in the neck?"

It happened en route to pick up a customer from the I-94 Service Drive at Vernier in Harper Woods.

And of course, it was a run he debated even going on for a little extra cash.

"Usually I never work at night," said Esho. "I never go out in the dark time. Because of this kind of crazy stuff going on."

He filed a police report with Harper Woods Police Department where they took this arrow in as evidence.

FOX 2: "What did the cops say when you told them?"

"They were like surprised, they were shocked, like, 'Wow this is bizarre,'" Esho said.  

One theory that investigators are considering, is that maybe a hunter was doing some target practice.

But Esho isn’t so sure, thinking of all the highway shooting in recent years – in the Metro Detroit area.

"It had to be like something someone did purposely, to hit cars," he said.

He hopes by sharing his story, maybe other victims out there will want to come forward and tell the police.  

"You try to be funny doing this kind of thing to people," he said. "This is not the right joke to do to people."