Unarmed man shot 6 times by Dearborn cop, autopsy results claim

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In December, an unarmed black man was shot and killed by Dearborn Police. Five months after the death, investigators are tight-lipped about the case. However, on Tuesday, the results of a private autopsy were released.

The attorney for the family of Kevin Matthews spoke to the media on Tuesday. The 36-year-old man was shot and killed in December and no results have been released by police. But the family went forward with their own private autopsy and made it available. The family is angered and saddened - and demanding justice.

"This officer has to be charged with murder," attorney Milton Greenman said. "Kevin was shot multiple in the right chest. At least six times he was shot, total, and one of the shots is a close range firing."

Police say Matthews was shot and killed by a Dearborn officer on December 23rd on Whitcomb during an altercation with the officer. Matthews is said to have suffered from mental health issues and was wanted on a misdemeanor warrant.

At the time the two struggled for the gun, he was unarmed. The officer involved was suspended and Detroit Police have taken over the investigation.

"Most of the entry ways occur (on the right side) and have an upward trajectory," Greenman said. "Theoretically one gunshot could go off and it could have been an accidental shooting. How then do five bullets leave that gun and it still be a mistake?"

Dearborn's Police Chief, Ron Hadda, was unavailable for comment Tuesday.

The family has been waiting for five months for answers with no details released in this high-profile case - that includes the officer's identity - Greenman said that's due to a presecutorial lockdown. That means the family has no choice of what to do next.

"We try to patiently sit back and wait," Greenman said.

Meanwhile, another Dearborn police-involved shooting is the focus of the Michigan State Police. Janet Wilson, 31, was shot by a different officer in January. her family is also waiting for answers.