‘Uncommitted’ vote campaign against Biden: Super Tuesday results

The latest round of "uncommitted" votes cast in America on Super Tuesday continued to show waning enthusiasm for President Joe Biden, who is otherwise on a clear path to winning the Democratic nomination.

The "uncommitted" vote option isn’t new to the ballots this year, but the messaging behind it is. 

Where applicable, voters are casting an "uncommitted" vote to signal Biden of their dissatisfaction, mostly in part over his support of Israel and how America has responded to the war in Gaza.

The movement started largely in Michigan, which houses the largest concentration of Muslims and Arabic speakers in the United States. In the state’s primary on Feb. 27, more than 100,000 people voted "uncommitted," which was about 13% of the Democratic vote. 

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But the messaging didn't stop there and caught on with Super Tuesday voters – in particular those in another key swing state in the Midwest, Minnesota, where 19% of the vote went to "Uncommitted." 

Minnesota also has a significant population of Muslims, including in its Somali American community. 

Biden could be at risk of losing re-election in November in part because of the Democratic divisions over the war. Others may be expressing their dissatisfaction with the economy, immigration or other key issues with their "uncommitted" vote. 

Here is how the "uncommitted" vote resulted in other states that voted on Super Tuesday: 

Vote "uncommitted"

  • Of the 15 states that vote Democratic on Super Tuesday, seven offered an "uncommitted" option
  • North Carolina saw the greatest number of "uncommitted" votes (88,021)
  • Minnesota saw the greatest percentage of "uncommitted" votes (18.9%)
  • "Uncommitted" votes saw near double percentage points in Massachusetts (9.4% with 55,858 votes)

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This story was reported from Detroit. The Associated Press contributed.