Undercover police catches armed robbery suspects after chase

Three teens hauled off in handcuffs after trying to out run the cops, in a stolen car Friday.

Police believe the three 18-year-olds are behind a string of armed robberies and are still looking for one more suspect.

Undercover officers working with Operation Green Goblin witnessed two young men performing armed robberies near Seven Mile and Greenfield leading to a chase through Detroit. 

 It ended with cops chasing a stolen Dodge Caliber down and three suspects in handcuffs.

"I walked down here to see what was going on and police said these guys were doing armed robberies in the neighborhood," said Jerod Kennedy who lived nearby. "I was walking and (saw) the car jump over the grass.

"They didn't get too far."

Another witness said "They ran up across the street on the curb and jumped out of the car," said the witness who declined to give his name. "It looked like a clown car with all of them jumping out running."