Undocumented Mexican man arrested for 10th time; charged with burglary in Michigan

Sergio Nunez-Barrera is a citizen of Mexico and has been deported multiple times. He was arrested for the 10th time my Border Patrol agents this week. 

A Mexican man who is a convicted felon and has already been deported multiple times is in custody again, this time for an outstanding warrant for burglary.

The Customs and Border Patrol Great Lakes region announced on Thursday that a deported convicted felon was arrested on an outstanding warrant by the Lapeer County Sheriff's Office.

According to the CBP, they were contacted by Lapeer Police to help identify a subject as part of an investigation. When Border Patrol agents questioned the man, he freely admitted that he had illegally crossed into the United States in 2014 from Mexico.

The man has been identified as Sergio Nunez-Barrera and is a citizen of Mexico. CBP said it determined Nunez-Barrera had been arrested by Border Patrol agents nine previous times dating back to 2000.

In 2012, he was convicted of improper entry into the United States and received 30 days in jail. 

He's currently in Lapeer County Sheriff's custody for the outstanding warrant on the burglary charges. Once released from their custody, he will be transferred to the Border Patrol.