Unity within our communities: Archbishop visits Islamic House

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"All of us together, we want to live in peace."

The words of Pope Francis on the minds of many at a special event Tuesday in Dearborn Heights.

The arch-bishop of Detroit visiting an Islamic mosque.

With so much dividing us - the first step - dialogue is the path of peace. Imam Elahi greeted guests at the Islamic house of wisdom - an interfaith gathering of Muslims, Jews, and gentiles - all faiths welcomed and respected.

Archbishop Allen Vigneron joined in the discussion, one that seeks to overcome divisions.

"We don't just talk love, we have to demonstrate love," said Bishop Arthur Barnes.

"The heart of religion is a religion of heart," said Imam Elahi. "Start from heart. And heart is a place of love and peace

The Imam rejected radicalization and terrorism as enemies of the Muslim faith, calling on his brothers and sisters in faith to reject islamaphobia and embrace one another's similarities and differences - it's a message that resonates here - and they hope carries out into the community.

"We really can work together to end hatred in this world - especially islamaphobia and follow the example of Pope Francis," said Rabbi Dorit Edut.  "Regardless of what religion we are that here we can live in peace and love together."

"We've been working very hard and I'm proud of what we do here in southeast Michigan to work together," said Archbishop Allen Vigneron. "To build up the common good in a community that is healthy and whole."

"It's about engagement and creating a commitment that we work together," said Elahi. "Not only against islamaphobia, against radicalization, against violence, injustice."