Unruly passenger on France flight to Detroit causes plane to stop in Canada

Airplane passengers flying from Paris to Detroit were forced to make an unexpected stop in Canada due to an unruly passenger Friday.

Nicolas Fougere was aboard that Delta flight when his plane made an unexpected landing - in Newfoundland.

"When we got the announcement it was a little bit of a shock," he said. "As we were flying above the Atlantic Ocean - we got a notification from the crew that we had to land as soon as we could."

They were told it was due to an unruly passenger.

"The person who was sitting next to me had tried to go to the restroom - and she saw two people arguing," he said. "She was told by the crew to go to a different bathroom."

But apparently, the situation went south from there - Nicolas was told the crew tried to restrain the passenger, but he broke free and other passengers had to step in.

"We knew that something had happened but we didn't think it was that serious for someone to have to be taken off the flight before getting to the final destination," he said. "There was a little bit of worries - wondering what actually happened for it to be that bad."

When they landed at a tiny airport in Newfoundland the Royal Canadian Mounted Police were waiting.

A local man named Randy Alexander took to Facebook to document the emergency landing with photos.

"We see a few police cars waiting for us there," Fougere said. "A few minutes afterward we see police officers coming into the plane - I believe six of them.

"As he was being taken out of the plane he kept saying, 'Oh apparently I'm a threat to everyone on this plane,' being a bit sarcastic about it."

Delta issued a statement saying they have zero tolerance for unruly behavior and there had been 261 customers on board but no one was injured - just a whole lot of people who were late.

"In the end, it's being late," Fougere said. "But everyone was safe, which I think is what matters."