Vaccinated students get in free at Southfield HS prom, those who aren't have to pay for tickets

Southfield High School students, who are vaccinated will have their prom ticket paid for by a private donor, but those who are unvaccinated will have to pay $80 to attend.

"We are not as a district, discriminating over one group or another," said Dr. Jennifer Green, superintendent. "All students will have an opportunity to go to prom."

FOX 2: "Aren't you penalizing the kids that aren't getting vaccinated by charging them $80?"

"No we are charging everyone $80 dollars to attend," Green said. "Someone, that is is a private donor from a philanthropic organization, is covering that $80 fee.

"The district is giving them all an opportunity for all students to attend."

The school's decision to let an anonymous person sponsor only vaccinated students set social media on fire.  

Organizations like Informed Choice Michigan, who did not respond to FOX 2 requests for an interview, have claimed the district's actions will lead to discrimination, harassment, and bullying by other students.

Green says that's not the intention and that all students are welcome.

"All will be at the same facility, all will have the same opportunities, and all hopefully, will be able to enjoy this milestone together," Green said.

FOX 2: "Is this a motivation to get vaccinated?"

"It's an incentive to receive the vaccine," Green said.

That's not good enough for some groups who believe the incentive is discouraging a student's right to choose.

A protest is planned against the Southfield HS prom policy paid for by a donor.

A protest is planned against the Southfield HS prom policy paid for by a donor.

They have planned a protest planned at a pre-scheduled pop-up Covid vaccine clinic at the high school on Friday.  

Green, who is very concerned about divisiveness the protest could cause, says police will be standng by to make sure everythng goes smooth. The district's priority is to keep the community healthy and safe.

"We are indeed choice - to vaccinate or not to vaccinate is not the district's decision," Green said. "However as educator professionals have to provide opportunites per their request and we follow the science and the data."