Update: Second suspect identified in the shooting of a 3 year-old girl at a gas station in Detroit

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The tragedy of all this, the mom was pumping gas at a Citgo gas station, the child was in the car.
Two men start fighting inside the gas station and it spilled outside. At some point one of the men, a 24-year-old got a gun from a car and started shooting, it all boils down to this.

"We have a 3-year-old child who was doing nothing but sitting in the car with her mom, and this idiot pulls out a weapon, starts shooting at someone else and hits this child,” Assistant Chief DPD Arnold Williams said. 

Wrong place, wrong time, a three-year-old sitting in the car Saturday afternoon just before 3pm. Her mom apparently there to just get some gas. 

"They pulled up, talking about the car said hey, visiting my mother for her birthday, I went to my crib five minutes later your cousins been shot, literally 15 min later your cousins been shot," London's cousin Kevyn Clark said.

Police say the two men were fighting at the gas station near Puritan and Livernois. One of the guys got a gun and started shooting at the guy he was arguing with.

"She realized the baby was hit and brought her back to my moms house, my mom was like hey its nothing we can do we got to rush this baby out, I know a three year old child is injured over some nonsense," Clark said.

Right now police say it looks like the two men fighting knew each other but they’re still looking into what the beef was all about. 

"People can't seem to handle the streets without firing a weapon, and the number one question is why," Police Chief James Craig said. 

Police collected a handgun and three shells and also the suspect who was shooting. 

"You behave in reckless cowardly behavior, in this city, one thing's for certain Detroit Police Department will find you," Craig said. 

He ran to another gas station, left there and was eventually arrested near the scene of the crime, but people who work across the street say this area has never seen something like this.

"sweet, pretty little girl, its just sad you know, its crazy out here," neighbor Justina Martin said.

Police were able to get that 24-year-old suspect behind bars,  we do understand he ran away from the scene of the crime but not before being picked up and even changing his shirt in another gas station, then arranged to have a ride pick him up.

Police have now identified the other man who was involved in this fight . Police are looking for additional tips, and any information on a Red Chrysler 300 where the gun was pulled from.