UPDATE: Teen made up fake police officer story in Wyandotte

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Police in Wyandotte said a teenager who said she was pulled over by a fake police officer last week made up the story. 

UPDATE: Wyandotte police: teen lied about fake police officer

"He didn't ask me for my registration, he didn't ask my insurance papers any of that," said Faith Gentry.

The 17-year-old said she was pulled over Thursday evening on the Southgate and Wyandotte border. 

"I was coming down southbound down Fort and this 'cop' put his lights on and I pulled over," Gentry said.

She said it he was a Wyandotte cop - Faith says he looked legit especially to a new driver. 

"He did have a badge on his shoulder and the button-up (shirt) and the belt," she said. "But the only thing on his belt was a gun."

He said her blinker was out - and couldn't see her license plate. But her car was just serviced with no issues.  Then he told her she was getting a ticket - and it would be mailed to her.

"I was kind of in shock I didn't know what to do," she said.

When Faith described the suspect to police as a tall African-American. She says Wyandotte police told her that they don't have any African-American officers on their force. 

Police are on the lookout for black male about 6-feet tall with a thin build with scruffy facial hair and drove a black Ford Fusion with police on the side in gray faded letters, Gentry said.

"I'm scared for her to be out there," said Dawn Gentry, Faith's mother.

But it was all a lie. Southgate Police told Wyandotte police that, after detectives investigated and questioned her, she admitted to making up the entire story and said it never occured.