Update: Transgender woman targeted and violently attacked in Detroit, second suspect caught

Several men launched a violent and nearly deadly attack on a transgender woman on Detroit's west side and police are asking for help hunting them down.

Detroit police say early Friday morning just before 2 a.m., a 36-year-old woman had been walking along Woodward near Worcester, after hanging out with a group of friends when a red GMC Yukon pulled up with three men inside.

Project Green Light cameras capturing the attack as Driscoll is seen walking outside a business. A man jumped out of the back seat, wearing a sweatshirt and sweatpants with his face partially covered. Then the driver of that Yukon came at her with a long gun.

Driscoll's family tells FOX 2 that Driscoll didn't have a chance to say anything while trying to get away. A third man remained in the car and only seconds pass before shots are fired. Driscoll was hit four times in the back and left arm.

Officers say then the three men took off. Police were able to chase them to Russell and Canfield. The SUV jumped a curb and hit a concrete barrier near Leyland Street.

The three men got out to run. Police able to recover the rifle and catch one of the men, who is now in custody.

The second suspect was arrested Saturday morning around 11:45 am, police believe he is the shooter. 

Meanwhile, Driscoll's family says she's awake at Henry Ford Hospital and lucky to be alive, but they say she has two bullets lodged near her spine and has lost feeling in her left side, she is in stable condition.

As police vigorously search for the last suspect, Driscoll's family prays this was only a random attack. They are asking the transgender community to be careful and pleading for anyone who knows who nearly killed this young woman to please speak up.