Update:Search suspended for woman who went missing in Detroit River

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The US Coast Guard searching for a Southfield woman who has gone underwater in the Detroit River.

The call came in around 3:30 Saturday, Michigan State Police say a group of people were on a boat off of Belle Isle, jumped off the back of the boat and were swimming in the river.

The current started to pick up and dragged their boat away, another boat was able to assist to get some people to safety but 26-year old Destani Smith never resurfaced. 

Since then it has been a nonstop search to find Destani, the family waiting for answers.

"You don't wake up on a Saturday imagining that at the end of your day you're going to have news that someone in your family is missing and may not be coming home," sister Taneisha Taylor said.

Standing on the shores of belle Isle looking on helplessly as rescue crews search for Destani Smith.

"We're just waiting on any updates, any news that they've been able to locate Destani," Taylor said.

Destani and two friends were swimming off the back of a boat off shore, her sister Taneshia Taylor says the boat belong to Destani's friend.

"From what I understand he's an experience swimmer and I think she felt secure being with him," she said.

Divers have been searching the water, police checking the shoreline and a helicopter overhead checking for any sign of her, rescue crews fighting the daylight.

"The investigation for today will end, so obviously we want to have it resolved before the end of the night that's what we would be hoping for," Taylor said.

Her family tells us they’re holding out hope and relying on faith.

"We are people of faith and what we do know is that life and death is in the hands of God and our trust and faith is in him, she said.

The search efforts were suspended Saturday night because search crews cannot see in the dark, but the search will continue Sunday morning in hopes that they find Destani.