UPS stores step up as iPad donation centers for DMC patients battling COVID-19

There are a lot of really generous people in southeast Michigan and because of the overwhelming response, we now have another way to get your iPad into the hands of sick patients at the Detroit Medical Center.

Participating UPS stores are now serving as drop off sites after so many people said they wanted to donate their old iPads - that Rob Wolchek needed some help. 

"I'm really proud to be a part of this,” said Eric Ladwig

Ladwig has owned the UPS store in Livonia for more than 20 years.  He and his network of fellow franchisees have UPS stores in communities all around metro Detroit - perfect essential businesses conveniently located to make it safe and easy for you to drop off your iPad.

The iPads will then be handed over to Rob and taken to the Detroit Medical Center to be used by patients who are suffering from coronavirus.  

On Monday, Dr. Rudolph Valentini from the DMC explained how patients in all of their hospitals are isolated.

Because of the contagious nature of COVID-19, no visitors are allowed. But with an iPad, a patient can use FaceTime to see and hear their families when they're sick and scared.   

“So having technology that will allow the families to interact with their loved ones here in the hospital will be a godsend. It's really going to be a difference maker for us,” Dr. Valentini said.

Rob Wolchek asked our FOX 2 viewers to contact him if they had an old iPad they wanted to donate and he has received more than 100 people who've offered theirs up.

Eric has had two delivered to his store Wednesday.

Wolchek will come to pick up your iPad if you can't make it to a UPS store, but they want you to know this is a safe place you can stop at while you're out doing essential tasks to make a donation.

"We've got tape up to make sure everyone is maintaining a 6 feet distance,” said Dan Stybel, a UPS store manager. “We've got sneeze guards, we've got people wearing masks and gloves, we're cleaning regularly - just making sure everybody stays safe."

And it gets even safer.

Wolchek: "So if somebody has an iPad and says ‘[I want to donate the iPad but I don't even want to go in the store,’ would you send somebody to go run out to the car?"

"Absolutely,” Eric said.

Yep, you don't even have to get out of the vehicle.

"This is a home run all around,” he added.

If you'd like to donate your iPad, send Rob an email at and put iPad in the subject line.

Rob will even tell you where the nearest participating ups store is where you can drop it off – or you can see the entire list below.