Uptick in COVID-19 cases raise concerns for second wave

An uptick in coronavirus cases has hospital workers concerned a second wave could leave them overwhelmed.

But Henry Ford Health System says it is prepared for another surge of hospitalizations due to COVID-19 if that should happen.

"Nineteen percent of our symptomatic emergency room patients that have visited us in the past 24 hours have tested positive," said Dr. Adnan Munkarah, Henry Ford Health System.

He said they are also seeing an increase in positive cases at outpatient testing facilities. Munkarah says he's been getting a lot of questions in recent weeks about the virus.

Many of the men and women who are testing positive are young people in Michigan. He said questions he has gotten have been - has this virus changed, mutated, or is it impacting people differently.

"We don't have any evidence, but we know the younger population can tolerate the infection better," he said.

As the pandemic continues to drag on into the eighth month, experts say warn against becoming complacent. Wearing masks, social distancing and frequent hand washing are all still necessary.

Health professionals say it is very important to get a flu shot.

"The flu shot continues to be effective, I know there have been rumors that the flu shot is not good for Covid or at a time when we have Covid," he said. "There is no evidence to show that. A flu shot is highly recommended during this covid crisis, at present."

And as more events move indoors due to colder weather, Dr. Munkarah recommends you keep those gathers small under 10 people.