Utica garage stabbing happened during botched break-in: police

Police say the overnight stabbing at a condo garage in Utica last week was the result of a botched robbery. 

Police say the victim, who has not yet been named, went out to his garage around 2 a.m. and just happened to walk in on somebody trying to get into his car. He had already opened his garage door as he was getting ready to leave his home on Jenney Court, near Hall Road and and Van Dyke Freeway. 

Police say the victim confronted the suspect and they got in a struggle. The victim was stabbed in the leg and the thigh. 

Utica police detective Sgt. Greg Morabito says the victim is conscious and alert, but is still undergoing treatment and will probably be in the hospital for awhile. Police have said that he's 54 years old and that he lived in the condo alone. 

Meanwhile, police don't have much of a description to go off of. A neighbor saw someone running through the complex wearing a hoodie around the time of the crime. 

"This is a random act. This is not something that, I think, anybody has a lot to worry about. However, they should be vigilant about keeping garage doors closed, keeping their cars locked. It's never a good idea to keep any valuables in your car," says Morabito. "Most of all, if you do come up on somebody and they are in your garage, think twice before you confront them."

If you have information about what happened, you're asked to contact Utica Police.