Utica students win $10K from Ford with energy creating bike

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This isn't your average school project.

"It moves electrons and that's what creates the electricity," said student Tom Fezzey.

It is the culmination of hours and hours of brainstorming, engineering and assembling by six juniors at Utica Schools Center for Science and Industry. 

"Two thousand rotations per minute is enough to power the lightbulb on the back," said Tom.

Ford Motor Company asked tech savvy students around the nation to come up with something to solve a community problem - the contest comes with a hefty pay day for the winners.

"People exercise so why not take it to create something positive," said Scott Spry, teacher at Utica Center for Science and Industry.

Spry, their teacher, says there were more than 70 entries. To enter, each team had to submit a video they produced like this one to Ford.

Last week the team found out their energy creating bicycle won second place and a $10,000 grant to go with the title. 

They have another trophy to add to their case but Mr. Spry says now the real work starts, to get that prototype into an actual working machine.

"We have budgets that are do and all kinds of stuff coming up next," said student Lauren Crist.

They're hoping the project one day changes the way we exercise. Like these kids have done from the beginning they're thinking even beyond that! 

They say it could be used with everyday objects.

"Revolving doors and buildings could generate electricity," Tom said. "It's way bigger than just the bike or gym equipment."