Utility pole leans dangerously over Eastpointe home

A family is unable to return to their home in Eastpointe as a utility pole looms over their house.

The pole is so close to falling that the fire department told the family not to go inside, but DTE hasn't been out to fix the pole.

FOX 2 Problem Solver Erika Erickson decided to get involved.

As another windy, snowy day hits metro Detroit, the leaning pole is provoking paranoia for 30-year-old Shavon Washington of Eastpointe.

"I'm afraid with one good gush of wind it's going to fall," she said.

The 8-month pregnant mother of two says she left her home on east 10 Mile on Monday morning to drop her two young children off at school -- and all of a sudden, her next-door neighbor hears:

"Snap crackle pop ... At first it was more straight, then it was more on an angle and that's what made me worry," said Brian Buczkowsi.

Coming home to the leaning pole and swaying wires, Washington, growing scared, saw her neighbor.

Buczkowsi said DTE was busy, so he called 911.

"The fire truck came out and they taped it off," Washington said.

Washington says she called DTE, and the fire department called DTE. She says a representative did come out and they waited for a work truck, but no one showed up.

"I called DTE again. They keep telling me someone's going to come out today, today, today -- and that was yesterday, and no one still never come out," she said.

Washington, though frustrated, said she was trying to be understanding.

"I know there's a lot of people without power but it's a safety hazard," she said.

Calling DTE again -- and hearing the same response with no action -- Washington called Fox 2 for help Tuesday.

Erika Erickson reached out to DTE, and a spokesperson there says of course there are a lot of broken poles and downed lines in the area.

RoNeisha Mullen of DTE released the following statement:

"We are aware of the situation, and it is of high priority. We will be sending someone back to the location as soon as we can."

They also say they've ordered a new pole and it's on the way.

Meanwhile Washington is staying at a relatives and prays that pole stays put.