Valet calls police on Judge Mathis, claims TV judge spit on him during dispute

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Judge Mathis gets into a spat with a valet in Greektown. The owner of the valet service filed a police report claiming the TV Judge spit on him. 

“We had a little verbal back and forth and that was the extent of it. It was no spitting. You know it was six witnesses there,” Mathis said.   

In an interview with TMZ Live, Detroiter and TV judge Greg Mathis denies spitting on valet service owner Charles Smith outside Flood’s bar and Grill in Greektown.

The Controversy stemming from a heated exchange between the jurist and business owner Friday night. 

Mathis was admittedly annoyed that Smith held onto the keys of his new Rolls Royce after parking it and then went to a nearby store. 

When Mathis was ready to leave, Smith was nowhere to be found. 

“I yelled at him and asked him why would he take my car for 40 minutes or the keys to my car. And he began to apologize and then he said something I think, ‘I went to the store,’ Or something that was more ridiculous than the apology,” Mathis said. 

“He got irate started cussing and then the last thing he did was spit on him. And he bragged about it after he spit on him. This is according to my client’s account and several witnesses that I spoke with also,” Karri Mitchell said. 

Karri Mitchell, Smith’s lawyer says Mathis lied in his interview with TMZ.

What if it took 40 minutes? So what it took 40 minutes? What if it took 50 minutes? That does not give the right for somebody to spit on someone else. Be patient. You’re supposed to have judicial temperament,” Mitchell said. 

Detroit Police is investigating the spitting allegations, Smith made a police report over the phone that same day.

Mathis calls Smith’s claim a money grab and says Mitchell has an axe to grind. 

“I don’t know where this is coming from, I know the lawyer that is representing him, I’ve known him for 30 years and it hasn’t been a friendly relationship,” Mathis said. 

“I have no relationship forever with this man. I have no ill will towards him and to insinuate there’s some type of money grab on Mr. Smith’s part or whatever or I’m taking this case for some type of personal vendetta or reasons, that’s crazy,” Mitchell said.  

DPD is investigating, Kerri Mitchell says his client plans on pursuing assault charges against Judge Mathis.