Vandal destroys trees along Warren street

Snapped. Cracked. Ripped.

Neighbors in Warren were left fuming after waking up to broken trees down the street.

William Miller, who takes pride in his green lawn and scenic view on Cousino Street, says Wednesday night around 10 a.m. he heard something.

"My dog was growling at something and then I started hearing noises," he said.

Miller looked out of his home in the usually peaceful neighborhood, noticing a tree snapped in half. Miller spotted a man standing down the street.

"All of a sudden I see him walk up, grab ahold of the tree branch at the very end and he starts pulling on it, snapping it. I asked him, 'What are you doing?' He stopped, looked at me and started breaking it again," he said.

Miller says the man didn't say a word.

"When he walked by he gave me that look like, oh well, what are you gonna do?" he said.

The man continued to torture more trees, about 10 total, as Miller yelled for him to stop again and called the non-emergency number for Warren police.

"He had to be a pretty decent size to break the trees the way he did. I mean he wasn't just breaking branches, he broke the trunks," he said.

Miller says he chased him down the street with another neighbor, but eventually lost sight of him. Even more frustrating, the trees were planted only a few years ago. The folks who live there lost their larger, older trees due to a gas line replacement.

 "We've been nurturing them for over three years. Now you have to come by and do this? For what?

The man caused thousands of dollars worth of damage. He's described as a heavy set Arabic man, about 6 feet tall, around 18 to 24 years old, seen wearing a dark hoodie.