Vandals target Warren neighborhood with threatening graffiti

A homeowner in Warren woke up to find his cars and his home had been vandalized. He thinks his property was targeted because the vandals mistook it for the home of a local judge.

Dave Molenda woke up Thursday morning to find graffiti on everything: their cars, homes, a bus, and even a 'no trespassing' sign.

"Except for speeders here on Chicago Road, we don't get a lot of action here," he says.

The words read 'crip killer,' 'cop killer', and 'blood' were spray painted in multiple places. Warren police are still searching for those who spray-painted messages near Chicago Road in the 13 Mile and Van Dyke area.

"I've seen it before. These people go out there and they're after the cops. They hate the cops because they were arrested; they hate the judges because the judges convicted them. But that's the price. We do our jobs," Commissioner Bill Dwyer says.

A Warren judge was named by the criminals, even thought it was misspelled.

Police believe these are all related, and, despite their possible reference to gangs, they don't believe there's any gang activity.

"Maybe they're in high school, maybe they were out drinking, maybe they were using drugs," Dwyer says.

Either way, this is malicious destruction of property and is a felony. Police would like your help if you have any information about this but the commissioner is pretty confident the cops will get who did this.

"Our arrests are 100 percent when it comes to this type of nonsense," Dwyer said.