Vegginini's Paradise Café fires employee, calls customer homophobic slurs

A Detroit restaurant kicks an employee to the curb after a video goes viral, showing the man mocking customers.

The video was posted to the workers personal Instagram page. It shows a couple sitting at a table on Friday inside Vegginini’s Paradise Café on the city’s east side.

The person behind the camera is making the homophobic slurs while filming. This morning the restaurant posted that they let the employee go, who’s also the owner’s son, also calling the comments horrible. 

The victim in the video shared the video, hoping to bring light to how the LGBTQ community is sometimes treated. 

"I want to use this as an opportunity to bring attention to how openly and visibly queer people are treated in a majority of situations, which is why I decided on posting the video. It's bigger than just me, this is representative of how the LGBT+ community gets treated on the daily and it is not okay. As a queer person, I have seen and gone through much more violent and more disturbing things than this, and that is the unfortunate truth of our reality as a community and as a society. This is the response to someone assigned male at birth, wearing as much makeup as the average woman, existing. Hopefully this will be a learning experience for them as business practitioners and a wake-up call to others. Everyone deserves to be treated with kindness, and you may not accept me, but I'm no exception."

They asked everyone to be kinder to each other.