Vehicle, human remains may solve 1982 cold case of 3 North Carolina missing men

William Clifton, 30, David McMicken, 24, and Michael Norman, 32, disappeared in 1982. (Credit: Washington Police)

Authorities in North Carolina believe they have discovered a vehicle and human remains that could provide more insight into the disappearances of three men who were reported missing in 1982. 

On Dec. 10, 1982, three men, William Clifton, 30, David McMicken, 24, and Michael Norman, 32, vanished after leaving a bar in Chocowinity. Their last known sighting was in a black and white 1975 Chevrolet Camaro, police said.

The Washington Police Department said in January, a resident said he had sonar footage of a possible vehicle inside Jack's Creek.

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A dive team confirmed the footage was of a vehicle on Feb. 9. They said the vehicle was in poor condition with only drivetrain components and some frame remaining. 

Authorities also uncovered human remains around the area of the vehicle. They were transported to the medical examiner's officer for further examination. 


The creek where the vehicle and human remains were found. (Credit: Washington Police)

"We are amazed by the way, this community came together for these families to make sure everything was done to bring some sense of closure," Chief Phil L. Rollinson said in a statement. 

Lea Rose, Clifton’s daughter, emphasized the families' collective gratitude.

"This has reopened wounds, initiating the grieving process anew for three families. Despite the pain, there's a slight relief in finally having some answers," she said. 

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"I feel like I am in a dream of sorts," ReAnne Mayo, Clifton's other daughter, told Fox News. "I never thought to prepare myself had we found them. For years, I may have been watching the sunset near the creek with my father nearby and never knew it."

FOX News contributed to this report. This story was reported from Los Angeles.