Vice presidential nominee Pence talks jobs, Hillary Clinton in Shelby Twp

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Republicans welcomed Donald Trump's Veep pick to Macomb County. Indiana Gov. Mike Pence spoke at a private fundraiser Monday evening.

"I joined this campaign in a heartbeat," Indiana Gov. Mike Pence said. "You nominated a man for president who never quits or backs down."

He might be second name on the Donald Trump for president ticket, but Mike Pence alone sold out the room at $65 a seat for the Republican fundraiser. His presence in Shelby Township just weeks before the general election highlights the importance of this state - especially with another debate looming this week.

"It's going to be a big night for the GOP and our candidate when it happens again," he said.

After revving up the crowd, he focused in on Hillary Clinton  saying he's surprised by the lack of scandal due to the emails - and his backers agree.

"The FBI confirmed today the State Department offered quid pro quo to officials at the FBI to reclassify classified documents found on Clinton's email server,"

He then highlighted his tickets views on the issues.

"We will lower biz taxes so companies in mi can grow again," Pence said.

Something at least one entrepreneur in the audience is hoping will come true.

"I started from nothing, I had a million dollar business but I lost it due to President (Bill) Clinton bringing in NAFTA," Rita Merrimee said. "I love Trump. We need a business man."

While Pence focused on issues, the top of the ticket Donald Trump created some waves on Twitter, saying the election is being rigged by national news outlets.
His supporters like Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette had this to say:

"The national media and the liberal elite they'd like to have this election done weeks ago," he said. "But you know what there is a lot going on. People want change and they don't trust Hillary."

Pence stopped short of saying this election is rigged. But he did say the national media is against him siding with Clinton. He put it this way, it's like Michigan and Michigan State were playing a road game each and every week.