Victim of attempted armed robbery shot and killed suspect, accomplice fled

The intersection of Thatcher Avenue and Lesure Street turned bloody this week when two armed robbers went after three people in their early-20's. The outcome left one dead.

Earlier this week, three people were sitting in their car at the intersection when they noticed a pair of individuals milling about, looking suspicious.

"He saw them pacing, so they think nothing of it, and they were talking then he came up out of nowhere," said Terrance Wells, whose step son was in the car. 

That's when the demands started.

"'Give me everything, so and so and so,'" described Wells. "'Give me this and give me that.'"

Then, the would-be robber pistol-whipped the driver above the shoulders. 

"He had a weapon which was a BB gun, but it looked like a real weapon, so that's what startled both of 'em," said Wells.

That man, the suspect that police have designated a John Doe, was shot and killed by the man in the car, also the victim. The victim was licensed to carry.

Amid the chaos, the first suspect's accomplice fled the scene. Police said he ran east toward Tracey Street. Police also took a weapon as evidence and had the vehicle towed.

Wells said his step son made the right decision in the moment.

"He protected himself you know?" he said.