Victims in Clinton River truck crash identified

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In Waterford Township the driver of a truck lost control and plunged into the Clinton River over Memorial Day weekend, killing one young man and injuring another.

The victims have been identified as Colton Yaroch and Danny Hubbell, both graduates of Waterford Kettering High School.

Early Monday morning police say Yaroch lost control of the silver pick-up he was driving, hitting a construction sign before flipping and ending up in the Clinton River.

Yaroch died in the accident but Hubbell survived.

"It shouldn't have happened that way, especially that way it happened to them," said a neighbor of

Known as "Farmer" in Danny Hubbell's Waterford neighborhood  a neighbor who goes by the name Farmer has fond memories of Danny and Colton

"Danny and all of his little brothers and most of his friends they come out here and play football that's almost all they did," he said. "They played in the streets since they were little kids and I watched them grow up."

Both 20-year-old Colton and 22-year-old Danny were standout football players at Kettering.  Farmer says their talent was evident at a young age.

And in addition to be good athletes Farmer says Danny and Colton were always respectful.

"They always helped me anytime I needed something, a strong arm or something like that," he said. "They would come out and helped me lift stuff."

The accident is under investigation and police have not yet determined if alcohol was involved.