Victims of Dr. Fata write lawmakers for vigilance on medical fraud

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Victims of Dr. Fatid Fata like those who attended his prosecution, are uniting in hopes of toughening malpractice laws.

They call him Doctor Death. Now the victims of Farid Fata are working to make sure no one else falls victim to a doctor consumed by greed.

They're coming together asking lawmakers to take action to prevent physicians from cashing in on insurance payments at the patients' expense.

Fata pleaded guilty and was sentenced earlier this month to 45 years in prison. 

Wrapped in a blanket on a hot July Tuesday, 43-year-old Maggie Dorsey of Rochester Hills says nine years after Fata treated her for cancer she didn't have, she can barely walk.

"I'm really cold right now and to sit up like this is painful,"Dorsey said, adding that it feels like "one thousand bee stings."

Dorsey, who was bed ridden for a year, knows she is lucky to be alive - looking over at Cheryl Blades of Waterford, who lost her mother in 2011.
"It's hard," Blades said. "Because I miss her so much. I miss her every day."

Members of the Facebook group "Patients and Families Treated by Dr Fata," with nearly 1,500 members say they're sending out letters this week to state lawmakers.

"We need to change these laws," Blades said. "So we are not victims, our children are not victims."

Donna Adams of Romeo joined the fight, drafting a letter and is asking where the state's investigation went wrong.

"We understand the state didn't create this monster to do what he did," Adams said. "But in 2010 they had an opportunity to put a stop to his actions."

The three are also asking what can be changed and how can they help.

"If they lose their license in one state, they cannot get it in another state," Blades said. "He lost his license in another state and then he came here to Michigan."

Now they are asking others to join their fight for them and for the hundreds of others who can't.

 "She will forever be in my heart," Blades said. "And I will fight this fight for her."

"Every doctor has to have a fear to know that they can't do this to us," Dorsey said. "They can't."

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