Victoria Wedding Chapel in Waterford offers free nuptial ceremony on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and for a handful of lucky couples, it could also be your wedding day. A local chapel is spreading the love with free weddings on February 14th.

Running a wedding chapel these days has not been easy. Victoria Wedding Chapel in Waterford hosts 300 weddings a year, but right now - not so much. 

 "It's been so crazy," said Mary Green from Victoria. "I had so many people crying, it was so sad."  
The calendar has been flush with cancellations and postponements. But Mary Green is improviser though - at one point, offering free drive-up weddings.  
"People would just drive up and their witnesses were in another car and I'd do the whole thing," she said. "I would sign the paperwork and they'd drive on."  
Still, courthouses are closed for ceremonies. With that in mind, Green is offering an alternative - free weddings on Valentine's Day. 
"I didn't have a whole lot planned for Valentine's Day this year, so we thought why not cause some excitement and have some fun because we love doing weddings," she said.  

It will be a COVID-19 safe version - with the couple and up to eight guests.  
"First come, first serve, we can only do so many," she said. "We are hoping to do 20 and we have seven booked  
From traditional to non-traditional they see it all.  
"Some will come in blue jeans but it's whatever they're comfortable with," Green said.  \

Florists and photographers will be on standby for a fee - and everything else, free.  

"It's about $300 that they're saving - it's a way to give back," she said.  
If you're interested in getting married on the 14th right here - you have to call and make an appointment, call (248) 673-5111, or go to