VIDEO: Man in sunhat snatches cash from open register in Macomb

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Police in Macomb Township are trying to track down a man who boldly reached into a register to steal cash from a party store and the entire thing was captured in HD.

The bold theft happened Monday afternoon at Northview Wine Shop at 21 Mile and North Ave in Macomb Township.

A man, likely in his late 40s, wearing a sun hat walks inside a little after 3 p.m. and buys what looks like a pack of gum. But 45 minutes later, he comes back.

This time, he shuffles inside with a yellow grocery bag in his hand. He turns around to dump whatever items were inside it into a trash can.

Then he walks up to the cashier and asks for something that prompted her to open the register.

Suddenly, he reaches in for the 20s and grabs a handful before she grabbed his hand. She tried to hold on as he started running out of the store. A liquor bottle fell a display that was on the counter. 

It's not known how much money the man got away with but a $20 bill can be seen on top of the register as the woman tried chasing him down.