Video shows Inkster crash after driver runs from police due to busted headlight

A week ago, a high speed chase in Inkster came to a tragic end when the passenger of the car running from police was killed in a violent crash. Now, the driver of the car has also died.

Dearborn Heights Police released the dashcam video of the deadly crash from last week. The officer on scene rushed to try and help both people.

"Driver is unresponsive. He's bleeding. Trying to get to the passenger," he said. "You ok? Can you hear me? Please, talk to me."

Thursday, February 9, around 5 a.m., Dearborn Heights Police attempted to pull over a man driving with a headlight out on Beech Daly Road

"As he approached the vehicle an attempted to stop the vehicle, the vehicle just took off on him," police Captain Michael Petri said.

Instead, the driver sped off and turned onto Colgate near Meadowdale and passed into Inkster. He was driving over 60 miles per hour in a 25 mile per hour zone.

Just 42 seconds later, the chase ended. The woman in the car with him died at the scene.

"60 miles per hour sideways into a tree and it directly into the passenger door where she was at and I don't think she had any chance," Capt. Petri said.

Police quickly running out to arrest the driver and help the woman. They pulled the man out and then started CPR on the woman. But it was too late.

"You're trying to do whatever you can to make the best of the situation and take care of somebody and get them the help that they need. Unfortunately at this point there was nothing they could do," Petri said.

A few days later, the man also died from his injuries.

Police said the man fled from police because he had outstanding warrants and a weapon in the car.

"This is not something we ever want to see. We just ask if you see the police turn their lights on, just stop. It's not worth running and getting into an accident," Petri said.