Video shows teenager attacked at Lincoln High

A teenage girl was attacked Thursday by classmates in the hallway at Lincoln High School in Warren -- and her mother says this isn't the first time.

The mother of India Jenkins-Kennedy says a group of female students jumped on her daughter.

Any parent who saw their child involved in this kind of altercation would be upset.

"She could've lost her life, she could've fell down the stairs, One of the other girls could've fell down the stairs and lost their life, injured themselves," Adia Jenkins said.

Jenkins says she quickly went to the school once she received a phone call about what happened.

"I see the officers taking a few young ladies to jail," Adia said.

The 9th grader has been suspended from school, and she could be out of school for up to 60 days depending on what the superintendent decides.

But this is not the first incident.

Pictures show India's face cut in November during a fight in the bathroom with two other girls from a different group.

The teenager says she was suspended for 10 days.

"Because I fought back," India said.

Her mother is also angry because that student who cut her daughter's face was able to come back to school.

She says she is looking into pressing charges, and she is concerned about how the school handled the situation.

"I know India is not completely innocent. Girls get into it, but it doesn't get to this extent," Adia said.

Fox 2 put in a call to the superintendent's office and got a brief statement which says quote:

"There was an in-school incident, and appropriate disciplinary action was taken at the school level. The administration acted in accordance with our Student Code of Conduct."