Video: Woman slashes car tire in Livonia 7-Eleven parking lot dispute

Security cameras were rolling at the 7-Eleven on Seven Mile and Inkster in Livonia, capturing a gray SUV pulling into a parking spot. Moments later, another SUV backed in next to the vehicle.

Police say the woman seen in the store with a young child, gets out, walks around, and allegedly punctured the other SUV passenger tire.  She then walked back around to her vehicle, got in, and drove away - revealing a flat tire for the victim.

"Definitely inappropriate, I mean it’s off the deep end. But I’m not surprised by it," said one man.

Most people we spoke with, say given the current tension and stress caused by the pandemic as a whole, patience is razor-thin these days.

"Tons of fighting there. there seems to be more the last year and a half," said another man.

Some find the alleged actions of slashing a tire over what police are calling a parking lot dispute even worse, considering the woman appears to be a parent with a small child in tow.

"Especially having a child with them. that’s the biggest issue," another person said. "You can’t act like that when you got children with you."

Livonia police said Wednesday that the woman has been identified and is cooperating with investigators.