Viewers share photo's and videos from today's winter storm

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Mother nature is playing no games. On a rare mid-April, blast of winter coating metro Detroit in a thick layer of ice bringing down trees and power lines.

Some of the damage is pretty severe especially to cars parked on the streets.

On Halleck street on the city's east side where Fox 2’s Hilary Golston was showing us a large tree coming down and going right through the windshield and roof.

On the city's west side another tree landing on an SUV on Saint Mary’s. Also on the west side, on Sussex a giant branch coming down on a minivan. 

In Hamtramck a tree blocking a street and landing on another car.

In Dearborn Heights more branches coming down. Neighbors breaking out the chainsaws to clean up a giant mess.

In Melvindale people in a house on Hanna woke up to a big boom. What they found in their yard, 
a huge branch taking down a power line with it. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

Downriver the story there flooding. This is from Brownstown township.

For now -- police are telling us there are no evacuation orders in place. The wind blowing in from the east from the lake making a bad situation worse.

Rough water on Lake Erie.

Detroit beach in Monroe, waves crashing hard into the shore.

In Frenchtown Township, where people are being evacuated the water waist deep in some areas. 

Even the Fox Two studios in Southfield, ice falling from our tower cracking the window and denting the hood of one of our live trucks. 

A winter storm in mid-April has some people finding ways to take out their frustration on mother nature.