Vigil held for Chaldean man who died after deportation to Iraq

A vigil was held Thursday night in memory of a Hazel Park man who died after he was deported to Iraq. 

The family of 41-year-old Jimmy Aldaoud has said he died after he was unable to get the medicine he needed in Baghdad. 

Aldaoud was among hundreds of Iraqi Christians, or Chaldeans, swept up in President Donald Trump's immigration enforcement orders. They were people with criminal records who served their time - but were ordered to be deported to Iraq even though they had been in the U.S. legally for decades.

Aldaoud was born in Greece to Chaldean-Iraqi Christian parents, and brought to the United States at just six months old.

Jimmy had diabetes and had trouble getting the insulin he needed in Iraq. His attorney said Aldaoud didn't speak Arabic, knew nobody in Iraq, and had never been to the country. He died Aug. 6 after being deported in June. 

Aldaoud was also mentally ill and didn't have a home. He was convicted 20 times of crimes such as stealing power tools, assault and marijuana possession.

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ICE officials say Aldaoud cut off his tether in December and was on the run until police arrested him in April for vehicle larceny. ICE said they provided him with enough medication to ensure his care when they deported him.

At first, his family wasn't sure if they would be able to give him a Catholic burial, as Iraqi authorities wouldn't release his body to the U.S. But Michigan Rep. Andy Levin helped arrange for his remains to be flown back to Michigan, where he will eventually be buried next to his mother.