Vigil held for mother shot in the head, dumped on street in Pontiac

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A Southfield woman murdered, her body dumped in Pontiac.

Now the search is on for the killer of 25-year-old single mom Shalita Hunter while a cash reward is offered for information leading to her killer's arrest.

A candlelight vigil was held at the former Northwestern High School in Detroit Monday night.

"Now God whoever did it, we know you will have them come to justice," said one man leading prayer at the vigil.

There were plenty of candles, tears and pain to go around as more than 100 relatives, friends and co workers met to remember Shalita Hunter.

"She was the sweetest person anyone could have ever known," said Brittany Cicchini, Shalita's cousin. "She would light up the room."

"I will never get any peace if they don't find out who did this," said Rita Jolly, Shalita's mother.

The 25-year-old was gunned down last week, her body left in the middle of a street in Pontiac, all of it happening just a few months before her son's fourth birthday.

FOX 2: "How do you tell a 4-year-old what happened to his mom?"

"We haven't told him yet," said Joyce Hunter, Shalita's grandmother. "We're scared, we don't know what to tell him yet."

Oakland County Sheriff Deputies found Hunter's Chevrolet Impala on Tasmania Street near Chandler about a half mile
away from where the killer left her body.

"I know he was the devil, he was a snake - anybody that would shoot somebody like Shalita in the back of her head," said Joyce Hunter.

Hunter's death was overwhelming for more reasons than one, her brother was killed three years ago.

"We just celebrated the anniversary of his death and then a week later to lose my youngest daughter, this is devastating," said Rita Jolly.

Justice will be the only recovery and it may be on the way.

"When I called to get an update, it was very comforting to know they were making progress," said Rita Jolly.

"We just to know who did this to her, why would you do this to her," said Brittany Cicchini, Shalita's cousin. "We need closure."

Anyone with information should call the Oakland County Sheriffs Office at (248) 858-4951.