Vigil held for teen who died in mini bike crash; family blames DPD

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A 14-year-old boy is killed in a mini-bike crash on the west side of Detroit Friday.
Those who knew him gathered to remember and honor him. It has been 24 hours since the 14-year-old lost his life in that horrible crash.  Police say Trent Moses ran a stop sign moments before hitting another car.

Moses, a 14-year-old died Friday evening at the corner of Rosemont and Paul right outside of his home. On Saturday a people were mourning a young life taken, and the boy's family is putting the blame on Detroit police.

"All they do is ride their mini bikes, that's all they do," said Lisa Moses, the victim's mother. "My kids don't steal, they don't do drugs. They work on their mini bikes on the sidewalk and ride them up and down the street. That's all they do.”

Detroit police said Trent Moses was speeding and riding erratically, police say the officer activated their overhead lights for a short period before turning them off and stopping the pursuit.

However the victim's mother claims police kept chasing Trent Moses causing him to crash into a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix at the corner.

"They were trying to corner him down there," Lisa Moses said. "Trent was already coming down our street and he was going so fast and he looked back to see if they were after him. And he just went and he couldn't stop. And he slammed into a car."

Trent's twin brother Travis Moses needed his family to pick him up from the very spot he lost his best friend.

"He was my best friend," Travis said. "We just tried to stay out of trouble, ride our bikes and have fun."

A grieving uncle blocked off the streets and rode his motorcycle up and down before the vigil Saturday.

Detroit police did not have any new information on the case Saturday night. Meanwhile, the boy's mother said she is pursuing legal action against the DPD.

"My son is dead because they want to chase him with no lights, no nothing," she said. "And then when he was laying in the street they did absolutely nothing."

The family has set up a GoFundMe account to pay for funeral expenses. CLICK HERE to donate.