Vigil held to honor teen killed in hit and run on 7 Mile

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A major of support on Detroit's east side Friday night honoring Jerry Grasty, Jr.

A vigil was held in the very spot where he was hit and killed last Saturday. The driver who hit him kept going.  Tonight marked the first time his mother has returned to this spot since the 15-year-old was killed. 
"Words can't describe how I feel," said Sheilah Grasty, his mother.
A week ago, Sheilah lost Jerry Jr killed by a hit and run driver at Seven Mile and Caldwell on Detroit's east side. 
"I believe in forgiveness if you would have stayed and helped my son, I would have been okay," Sheilah said. "I would have been able to forgive you." 
Jerry was crossing the street Saturday trying to get home before curfew. Police say two drivers hit him. The first driver kept going, the second driver stopped.
Still, no one has been arrested. 
"If you have a heart if you have an ounce of a heart you would do what's right," Sheilah said.

"Whoever hit him I don't know what going to happen to them but I want my grandbaby back - can you do that?" said Amber Cleveland, Jerry's grandmother.
They dedicated Friday to Jerry, who was about to be a sophomore and who aspired to own his own auto shop one day. 
"My son is 15 years old," Sheilah said. "He had a future, a bright future.

"My son touched all these people in some way, shape or form. It's an amazing thing."
From family and friends to people who knew Jerry from walking in the neighborhood, some wore shirts made to honor the teen.
"I want them to remember his smile and his heart of gold 
Jerry will be laid to rest next week…his mother Sheilah left with a hole in heart made worse by the fact that the driver who killed him is still out there. 
"I hurt so bad, Lord I hurt so bad," she said. "No parent should have to do this."
Police say they are looking for a black SUV, but the family said a silver car was the vehicle that struck him and fled.

If you have any information that could bring this family some justice call Detroit Police or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-SPEAK-UP.