Volunteers pitch in to build new playground in Hazel Park

All hands are on deck as the city of Hazel Park works to give life to a new play scape at Scout Park near 9 Mile and I-75. 

“My department was almost eliminated entirely for three years in the row and now we’re here with $350,000 to spend on a beautiful park,” said Director of Parks and Recreation, Sareen Papakhian. 

Those funds came from a generous grant, but the rush is on to get everything in place by Saturday. 

“That’s when the folks who oversees the project have to leave and go build another park somewhere else,” said Hazel Park City Manager, Edward Kloburcher. 

So the call is out for some dedicated volunteers all across Metro Detroit to come out and lend a helping hand and make sure this playground is completed. 

“We need approximately a hundred people to come out to help us complete this thing on time,” Kloburcher said. 

So far, many have answered this call to volunteer, but hundreds are still needed. 

Judge Chuck Goedert who sits on the bench at the district court in Hazel Park volunteered Monday and he says having community space for people to come and have fun can help cut crime. 

“When you play together at a young age with other kids in your age group and when you grow up in a neighborhood and feel that attachment to that neighborhood as a community, I think that does tend to create more responsible citizens in the long run,” said Judge Goedert. 

Mike McFall also decided to come out and volunteer. 

“Any large community project like this, I think it really helps the city and you’re helping your neighbors. So, it’s a really good opportunity to just come out and help out,” McFall said. 

The great thing about volunteering on this project is that you don’t need any kind of previous special training. 

“Even if you have never built anything before in your life, come on down and help us. We’ve got things for you to do,” Kloburcher said. 

To find out more information about volunteer opportunities, call 248-546-4060.