Volunteers rally to transform Detroit Engine House 17

Dozens of volunteers came together Tuesday to give a much needed facelift to a fire station in Detroit. 

Volunteers from the Detroit Public Safety Foundation and The Home Depot Foundation transformed Detroit Fire Department's Engine House 17, where several veterans currently serve as firefighters. 

The building is over 100 years old and was in need of critical updates. Crews brought in all new cabinets and countertops, appliances and furniture, and are doing a deep clean, too. The firefighters are getting a new gathering area, too, with a grill and picnic tables and benches. 

"There is a big list!" says Alana Hart with the Home Depot Foundation. "This is just a two day project, the next two days, but really the installation will continue over the next week to get it all completed."

"This makes us feel really appreciated," says firefighter Phil Vincent. "We go through a lot, we put our lives in danger. A lot of times we go without accolade - which is okay - but this little bit is super awesome. It's a morale raiser. It makes us feel good and appreciated and eager, eager to do our jobs better." He's one of the cooks at the firehouse, and says he's really looking forward to using their air fryer to make French fries for everyone.

Hart adds that all of the volunteers on the project came in on their day off or took vacation time to be here. 

"This is what we do, this is what we believe, is giving back and making those relationships in our community," she says.