Walled Lake Western High School gets therapy dog

School can be stressful in this dog-eat-dog world. 

Walled Lake Western High School is offering some help for its students in the form of an animal companion. The school just got its own therapy dog this year. 

Dakoda was introduced Thursday night at the school's football home opener. 

After going through 18-months of extensive training, Dakoda's mission is to bring her calm happy demeanor to the school this year.

"Teachers will be able to sign her out for about a half a day at the time, and they'll be able to bring her into a classroom =, do lesson planning around her, anything. If they have a squirrelly class to kind of reduce the stress level, if they're giving a hard exam," says social worker Ann Gray. 

The school's principal Ali Hamka says the students are already embracing Dakoda as part of the Warrior family. 

A teacher at the school will serve as Dakoda's host family.